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Tenson Sound!

Bill Haley had a great hit with his version of "Rocket '88 ', considered by many music historians as the song where the first real Rock n Roll chord was heard! Patti Page conquered the world with Tennessee Walts, the generally dominant style of music on the radio was "Doo-Wop" with typical hits such as "Glory of Love" with the Five Keys and Nat King Cole created for eternity the "last dance" hit "Too Young". Perhaps this was the music that Paul Rydholm listened to when he was pondering over the idea of creating Tenson as a brand?

Since we at Tenson really loves music, we've put together a small tribute list with tophits from 1951, however from a little bit more into alternative music!
1951 was in fact a great year for many of the big blues giants like Elmore James, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and not least the Master of Harmonica Sonny Boy Williamson. Also BB King, Fats Domino and Little Richard had big hits on the charts of the 100 most played songs in 1951. They were all great artists and created music that we today term as genuine "rock roots" and have played a significant role for generations of rock musicians of different genres until today.
Worth mentioning is also the folk group The Weavers who became a great inspiration, not the least of Bob Dylan and other folk singers during the hippie movement's great era during the 60 - and 70's. Their big hit in 1951 was "On the top of old smokey", but we have chosen to include the lesser known but excellent "Kisses sweeter Than wine".
Another of our favorites from 1951 is Roy Milton's "Best Wishes". One can suspect that Ray Charles was inspired by the sound when he much later did his version of Hoagy Carmichael's "Georgia", a great inspiration for many later R'n B artists. Even Sam Cook, who is considered a pioneer and the  "King of soul" had a hit with the gospel emphasized "Jesus gave me water".
Last but not least, we have to include the country legend Hank Williams, who had no fewer than six songs, among the 110 most-played radio hits in the U.S. 1951.
Among the top of the charts was "Cold, Cold Heart" and "Hey, Good Lookin '", but since we love a bit of alternative variants, we chose instead to include the somewhat comical "(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle."
In general one can say that the music year 1951 became an important breeding ground for much of the music we listen to today!
And watch out, probably some more tips and Spotifylists will come from us at Tenson in the future!  :-)

Hope you´ll like it!

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